Foam Mat
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Manufacturer of Foam Mat
We specialize in manufacturing Foam Mat, Foam Board, Foam Sheet and Yoga Mat for many years.

Foam Mat is made of ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA) materials which are known to be flexible and elastic. The foam mat is offered in measures of thickness of 2cm and 3cm and also made available in various colors like red, blue and green. With its soft features, foam mat can assure anyone of safety from getting hurt by solid ground.

Foam mat is also helpful in transferring one heavy piece of furniture to another section in the house by simply placing the items on it. Foam mat can also fit best in any kind of room like the ones intended for dancing, nurseries, and other household purposes.

Yitai Enterprise provides foam mat in specially designs of edge that can be customized and mass production according to customer's demands.

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2 CM Foam Mat
3 CM Foam Mat